Keely Sadira Dorran is a Native American (Chickamauga/Choctaw) artist, poet, musician, photographer, curator, family & art historian, and connoisseur of each day lived.

Keely Dorran, Capital Park, 2018
Keely by Keely at Capital Park, Sacramento, 2018.

Born 18 July 1972 in Carmichael, California, she was raised in the greater Sacramento area and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada by parents who bestowed upon her and her two sisters their love of nature, the outdoors, music, art, literature, learning, local history, science, self-awareness, & cultural diversity.

Today she lives and works in Sacramento, not too far from the Orangevale property her family owned where she took her first steps, ate pomegranates & persimmons from the trees, made mud pies, and gathered acorns into the ancient grinding stones worn into granite boulders that served as playground and firmament to the nascent adventure of her life.

Keely practices mindfulness and presence focused on process versus product in her endeavors, as did her Native American and Celtic fore-bearers.

Little Zen Studios is her modest workshop-gallery-home where she enjoys the company of friends, family, neighbors, and fellow artists, writers & musicians. If you think you might want to drop by sometime, give a heads-up, bring a sketchbook or journal & she’ll make you a cup of tea.

Thanks for exploring this site.

Please consider the beauty each day offers, and walk in peace.


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